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Iman Deeper is an electronic music Dj, Producer and RadioHost raised up in Iran, Tehran.
As a kid he has been always collecting tunes and his first experiences with electronic music was in 2005 when he started djing with friends and recording mixtapes from their music collection which he called Non Stop.
It was early 2008 when he started producing on his own and he got the courage to arrange his ideas as complete tracks.
Iman left his iranian hometown in 2009 for study in Europe and his first destination was  Italy, Rome where he worked a lot in studio and also played several gigs.
Early 2010 his first EP “SkyWalker” was published by the english label Revolution Records and he also released under the name La Roca with the Romanian producer Adrian Baiceanu which was the main platform for Iman for one year as he produced mainly for La Roca and they released music with various labels. After this collaboration Iman moved to Berlin to continue his music career.
Iman Deeper played his live sets and dj sets in some well known clubs such as Arena, Sisyphos and Ritter Butzke and also on many festivals in Berlin.
His new EP “Ponder” is in progress and brings a fresh wind as all the experiences and inspiration of the Berlin music scene makes the new projects of Iman Deeper sound smooth and warm.





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